I just knew 2020 would be an iconic year for me. 

I’d done all the prep work to make it happen. I’d written my amazing AXN Program, become a licensed financial guru, I’d been recognized as a self-development author for “SHE: Undefeated” on ABC, NBC, USA Today and media outlets across the world, I’d been working on looking and feeling the best I had in years, I LOC’D MY DAMN HAIR! I was ready…

…for anything but this. 

2020 has been a bitch, for sure. I have no shame in saying it hit me hard and knocked me down. Way down. 

I isolated. I shrank. I disappeared. And then we quarantined, so it was even easier to hide. Easier to disappear. Easier to mask my pain behind funny memes and unbelievable news headlines. 

For some people, life didn’t change too much. Essential workers enjoyed easier commutes. Companies realized that yes, it was possible to allow employees to work from home, micromanagement be damned. Even education went virtual and parents worldwide unanimously agreed that teachers are underpaid. 

But for me, the rug was completely swept from under me. There was no steady paycheck. The stability and security I’d build for me and my children was obliterated and the support I had was gone while we all had to “shelter at home”. 

Ironically, people turned to me for help more than ever. They needed a shoulder, an ear, a confidante, a cheerleader. The world has been hurting and I was compelled to help. It felt good to be able to help others create order out of chaos, work through their confusion and create a plan for success. But as impossible as it is for a heart surgeon to do her own bypass surgery, I could not diagnose or treat my own ailment. 

After weeks-yes WEEKS-of darkness, I was wise enough to seek help. I created a tight circle for support and accountability. And then I shifted. 

New plan.
New goals.
New mindset.
New normal. 

My own new normal, not just the new normal society will face.

Change is hard, yes. It’s daunting and terrifying. It’s also inevitable. It’s way easier to make a progression of tiny shifts slowly over time, but I had no choice with the gut punch I was dealt. I had to make immediate. massive, incredible change and not just be okay with it, thrive in it.

I had to conquer fear, mourn my old life, heal from that pain, make a new plan, and create a new way of life in the midst of a global pandemic. And let’s not forget the giant murder hornets. (Seriously, WTF 2020?)

In no way am I bragging. I’m a certified cognitive behavioral therapy, neurolinguistic programming and trauma recovery specialist; I’m a neuroscientist; I’ve written programs, articles and books on all this. Yet and still, it was been pure hell for me. So, from that place of privilege, I can only imagine what it’s been like for some of you. 

Furloughs, layoffs, recession, kids at home, bills piling up, income drying up, wine poured all the way up. 

I feel you. 

I feel your hopelessness.

I feel your dread.

I feel your hesitation, confusion, scarcity, lack and fear.

I feel you.

My point in telling you all this today is to say, one, I’m back. Two, I’m here. Right now, I’m not charging for my services. My business model has totally changed. My individual clients don’t pay me at all. So, if that was ever a factor, it’s eliminated.

However, my time is limited. I’m only one person, after all. So, if you need help, do not hesitate. Jump on my calendar and let’s do some work. I had to create a new plan for myself to be a stay at home mother to feral Irish twin toddlers AND generate full-time income working for myself from literally nothing in the midst of life changing trauma and a huge economic downturn. (Again, what the actual F**K 2020?)

It would give me no greater pleasure than to help you create order, success and wealth for your life, too.