2019 gave rise to The Undefeated, a movement of overcomers standing against all odds.

We are walking into 2020 with perfect vision. We have survived. Now, it’s time to thrive.

So, I’m taking this dialogue a new direction. I’ve heard your cries, your struggles, your challenges.

When it comes to the biggest struggle to living a life of freedom, I keep hearing the same things. You want better for you and your children. You want more time. More freedom. More choices. More security.

I know a lot of gurus will talk about the law of attraction and manifestation and all those are very real, very important things, especially coming from me, your favorite neuroscience nerd, but I wanna get right to the root of it: MONEY.

I disappeared the last few months to get licensed, certified, and ready to help you get your financial house in order and build wealth.

Say hello to your Financial Wellness and Wealth Consultant, certified to not only get your mind right but also get your money.

Leave that lack crap in the past.

We’re changing the energy in 2020.

We’re building BIG RICH ENERGY.

Who’s with me?