Well, isn’t this a fresh perspective. I didn’t make this meme, nor do I own the rights. If you do, well, sue me (or just drop me a line and I’ll take it down should you request). However, I think you’re brilliant and I think we should be friends.

For so long, I pushed the voice of my intuition to the back of my mind and went with what the world told me. Guess what? People lie. The world lies. Your intuition isn’t going to lie to you. Self-harm is not in our healthy nature. Self-preservation is. When your intuition is speaking to you, it’s doing so out of love.

Many years ago, someone said to me, a woman’s intuition is the voice of God and I felt that on a deep, spiritual level, even though I wasn’t ready to really live it.

If you have a hard time trusting your gut, you have a hard time trusting yourself. We can work to uncover the root reasons why that is, to heal what’s broken and strengthen your voice.

Live well, sis.